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Installing and Managing Solutions

Solution Manual

Check out the solution details by finding its documentation on this website or by running:

mutablesecurity --solution <solution>

The <solution> parameter is the identifier of the solution and can eventually be found in the manual of MutableSecurity.

The information here can be easily correlated with the one from the starter guide, especially from indexes.

Deployment Details Selection

Select a deployment method and, eventually, an authentication method. The process result in a bunch of parameters that will be attached to every command above.

Pre-deployment Configuration

Initialize the solutions' configuration files by running:

mutablesecurity --solution <solution> --operation INIT

For each target host, a YAML file named <username>@<hostname>_<solution_id>.yaml will be created in the working folder. Edit the values of the keys from the configurations files using your preferred text editor, according to the desired solutions’ configuration.


Install the solutions with:

mutablesecurity --solution <solution> --operation INSTALL


Execute all tests of the installed solution with:

mutablesecurity --solution <solution> --operation TEST

To execute only one text identified by <test_id>, which can be found in solution's manual, use:

mutablesecurity --solution <solution> --operation TEST --identifier <test_id>

Information Retrieval

All information can be retrieved with:

mutablesecurity --solution <solution> --operation GET_INFORMATION

Attach --identifier <info_id> to retrieve only one, where the test identifier can be found in the manual.

Information Setting

An information can be set with the command below.

mutablesecurity --solution <solution> --operation SET_INFORMATION --identifier <info_id> --value <new_value>

<new_value> needs to be the stringified version of the information, respecting its real type. Examples are:

  • The boolean True became the string "True"
  • The integer 10 became the string "10".
  • The string "string" remains unaltered.
  • A member named ENABLED, from an enumeration State, became the string "ENABLED"
  • A list of any type exemplified above, for example [1, 2, 3], became the string "1,2,3".

Log Retrieval

The log messages from a log source identified by <log_id> (found in the manual) can be retrieved using:

mutablesecurity --solution <solution> --operation GET_LOGS --identifier <log_id>

Action Execution

An action <action_id> of the solution can be executed with:

mutablesecurity --solution <solution> --operation EXECUTE --identifier <action_id> --arguments <argument_id>=<argument_value>

The final part, starting with the --arguments parameter, denotes the mandatory arguments of the action. The identifiers and types of possible values can be found in the manual.


Update the solution with:

mutablesecurity --solution <solution> --operation UPDATE


Uninstall the solution with:

mutablesecurity --solution <solution> --operation UNINSTALL