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Development Environment


  • VSCodium as an IDE, with:
    • Automated formatting and linting
    • Extensions
      • autoDocstring for automatically generating docstrings
      • Better TOML for TOML language support
      • Error Lens for highlighting linters errors
      • Markdown All in One, Markdown Preview Enhanced and Markdown Preview GitHub Styling for improved editing and viewing of Markdown documents
      • Python for Python support (including IntelliSense)
    • Hidden files from tree
    • Ruler
  • pylint for linting
  • flake8 for linting and accompanied by multiple plugins:
    • darglint and flake8-docstrings for consistency in docstrings
    • flake8-annotations for type annotation enforcement
    • flake8-bandit for security-related issues
    • flake8-print for reporting any use of the built-in function print
    • flake8-quotes for quotes linting
    • flake8-spellcheck for reporting unknown words (by comparing with a default dictionary and whitelist.txt from repository's root)
    • flake8-tidy-imports for imports linting
  • MyPy for type checking
  • Black for automated code formatting
  • isort for automated import sorting
  • pytest for executing unit tests
  • for generating coverage information based on pytest's execution
  • Poe for task running
  • Git for version controlling
  • ELF2deb for creating the skeleton of the Debian package
  • Freight for managing a Debian repository using a collection of an Shell scripts
  • Docker for creating isolated environment for:
    • Updating the Debian repository



All the linters and formatters mentioned above are configured via pyproject.toml and automated via .vscode/settings.json.


Configured in pyproject.toml, Poe exposes multiple tasks that can be run with poe <task>.

The most important tasks are:

  • lint_<linter>: Run the linter <linter>.
  • lint: Run all linters
  • covtest: Run the unit tests and report the coverage.
  • generate_<asset>: Generate the asset <asset> of the repository. These commands are already run automatically with GitHub workflows.

Poe does not automate the formatters too. These are already run when saving a file in VSCodium.