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Project Structure

From a development point of view (landing page not included), the project resides on multiple platforms:

  • GitHub for:
    • Code versioning for:
      • Python 3 codebase
      • Configuration files for IDEs, linters, and formatters
      • Configuration files for services (for example, DeepSource via .deepsource.toml)
    • Issues tracking
    • Workflows for:
      • Running unit tests and posting coverage information to Coveralls, but only after each commit or pull request on main branch
      • Performing various automatic update actions (for example, for updating the solutions' table in
  • PyPi for:
    • Hosting our Python 3 package, mutablesecurity
    • Hosting the dependencies that our codebase uses
  • DeepSource for statically scanning the Python codebase for vulnerabilities, style and documentation inconsistencies
  • Snyk for vulnerability and dependency scanning
  • Coveralls for storing coverage information
  • Dependabot for automatically updating (process named bumping) Python dependencies
  • Cloudflare for:
    • Hosting the website
    • Hosting the Debian archive

In terms of production dependencies, the most used packages are:

  • pyinfra for connecting to hosts and executing commands
  • Click and Rich, for creating our beautiful command line interface.