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Updating the Debian Repository

  1. In the packaging repository, set debian-repo as working directory.

  2. Build the image: docker build -t freight .

  3. Ensure having the files and folders below:

    • ./gpg.key, the GPG private key
    • ./gpg.pass, the password of the GPG private key
    • ./packages, a folder with Debian packages that you want to add into the
  4. Add the packages into the repository:

    docker run \
    --name freight \
    --volume $(pwd)/gpg.pass:/root/gpg.pass:ro \
    --volume $(pwd)/gpg.key:/root/gpg.key:ro \
    --volume $(pwd)/packages:/root/packages \
    --volume $(pwd)/repository:/repository \
  5. Remove the container: docker container rm -f freight

  6. Commit and push the changes.

Observation: The initial repository was created with freight-init [email protected] repository.